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Why And How Should You Clean Stethoscopes?

Stethoscope hygiene is a very important thing that all medical professionals must understand. While the risk of a patient getting sick because of a dirty stethoscope hasn’t been widely concluded, the theoretical risks are still there. This is why it is essential for doctors and nurses to know how to clean stethoscopes and why it important.

Quite obviously, every medical professional already know the importance of cleaning stethoscopes. But, for those who are first-time users of the equipment, do you know why you must clean your stethoscopes? Or, do you know how to do effectively do it?

If you are interested in learning about stethoscopes, along with its parts and functions, this post here will help you. But, if you are looking for the proper ways on how to clean stethoscopes, then read on.

Why You Must Clean Stethoscopes?

As mentioned, stethoscope hygiene is as important as the personal hygiene of the user. It is worth noting that this equipment is not only for personal use. And if you are in the field already, then you already know what this means.

Stethoscopes are utilized for monitoring and other medical purposes of the patients. In short, the equipment makes contact with several individuals. Rationally, it is only suitable why it is essential to clean stethoscopes, especially if it is your own equipment that you use regularly.

Aside from decreasing the risk of infections and bacterial or viral transfers, cleaning stethoscopes is one of the things that you must do in order to maintain the quality of the stethoscope. Besides, this equipment is not just cheap purchase. One will need to spend hundreds of dollars to obtain a great and reliable stethoscope.

Say, for instance, you want a very effective and outstanding beginner’s stethoscope, this one right here inĀ 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope Review already costs more than $100. So, imagine if you need a more specialized stethoscope. Certainly, you will need more than one hundred bucks.

How Should You Clean Stethoscopes?

Here are some general cleaning and maintaining tips that you may want to apply regularly:

  • Avoid immersing the stethoscope in any liquidlatex free stethoscopes
  • Do not subject the stethoscope into any sterilization process
  • Avoid direct heat, cold, oils, and solvents; make sure that the stethoscope won’t get direct contact with these factors
  • Always disinfect your stethoscope using 70 percent isopropyl alcohol; use cloth or soft wipes when cleaning stethoscopes
  • When using soap and water solutions, make sure that the components of the solution are not harmful to the materials of the stethoscope
  • When using solutions, make sure to dry all parts of the stethoscope before you reassemble
  • Remove the eartips when cleaning your stethoscope. Wipe with alcohol or solution for thorough cleaning.
  • Dry and clean storage is suitable to keep stethoscopes from harmful variables

Cleaning and Maintenance Services

While cleaning stethoscopes can be quite easy, there are still brands and manufacturers today that offer such services. You may want to resort to these features and offers, especially if you want to ensure the cleanliness and quality of your stethoscope.

For more information about the proper cleaning and maintaining processes of stethoscopes, this video here might be of an assistance to you: