what stethoscope is best for a nursing student

Understanding What Stethoscope Is Best For A Nursing Student

Are you attending a nursing school? Are you having troubles finding for the right instruments? Would you want to know what stethoscope is best for a nursing student?

If all things apply in your case, then you’ve to the right place! As it happens, this piece is all about finding the most appropriate stethoscopes for students. In here, you would find several stethoscopes that would fit your requirements. Also, this will help you understand what it takes for a stethoscope to be the best option for every nursing student.

But if in case that you are not in the specifics yet as what mentioned above, and you are just looking around, you may want to check this other stethoscope post here. It’s all about the most recommended stethoscope pieces that you can find on the market. Even so, you may continue reading this post if you like.

Stethoscopes and Nursing Schools

In recent years, there are a lot of stethoscopes available on the market. You can choose from different types, models, and brands. In fact, you may encounter tens and hundreds of them if you prefer to scan around. But because of this, it will be quite different for you to choose the best stethoscope. And if you are a nursing student, you would know that having one of the finest qualities is a must.

Every nursing school requires every student to learn all about their stethoscopes. Just like doctors and other medical professionals, understanding stethoscopes is a must. But it does not focus on learning alone. As it appears, they also need to know what stethoscope is best for a nursing student.

As you may know, the best for one might not be the best for others. And basically, one’s best is a manifestation of one’s preferences. This is why it is quite difficult to pin point which stethoscopes would fit the description. Accordingly, one can say that there are several stethoscopes today that can be chosen as the best ones in recent times.

Hence, you may need to understand first what are the factors that affect a nurse’s choice and preference when it comes to stethoscopes.

Type of Stethoscopes For Nurses

To further help you learn what stethoscope is best for a nursing student and nurses, you may need to understand first the types. And in this quick guide, I’ll include the most apparent types that every nurse utilizes on a daily basis.

Head Types

When choosing based in head types, you have to know that there are three head types: Single Head Stethoscopes, Dual-Head Stethoscopes, and Triple-Head Stethoscopes.

The Single Head Stethoscopes are the most basic type of head of a stethoscope. And it is very recommendable for every user to utilize this type for general uses such as for vital signs and simple auscultation. Also, they are known for their clear and wide frequency output. Accordingly, the user of this type can focus in both high and low frequency sounds. You may want to check this 3M Littmann Classic II Monitoring Stethoscope review as an example.

As for the Dual-Head Stethoscopes, they are usually considered as the most common type of stethoscopes. And certainly, almost everyone who visited a hospital has come to see this type. As it happens, these stethoscopes are more versatile than the first type. This is because it is composed of two heads on the chestpiece. One side is the diaphragm and the other side is the bell. And they work for high and low frequency sounds, respectively.

Another head type that may help you know what stethoscope is best for a nursing student is the Triple-Head Stethoscope. This is usually utilize by cardiologists as this type is designed mainly for critical heart conditions. It’s expensive and it’s heavy which is why only a few nurses would want this. And this might not be the best option for nursing students and nurses alike.

Type By Usage

Another aspect that you may want to know about stethoscopes for nurses what stethoscope is best for a nursing studentis the type according to the usage of the instrument. So, basically, this factor is like the main differences between various types of stethoscopes.

Normally, there are four types of stethoscopes depending on the usage. And to know what stethoscope is best for a nursing student, you have to know what stethoscope you must choose depending on the uses of each type. And as it appears, these four types include Sprague Rapport Stethoscope, Cardiology Stethoscope, Infant Stethoscope, and Pediatric Stethoscope.

Now, a Sprague Rapport Stethoscope is the one that has separate chestpiece tubes for each ear piece. And they are designed to produce much better quality of sound. As for a cardiology stethoscope, it usually comes with a bi-lumen function that is made to be a single tube design. Also, keep in mind that they are made specially for cardiac assessments.

In terms of the Pediatric Stethoscopes, they are quite similar with the normal and conventional stethoscope. The only difference is that they have smaller chestpiece than the usual stethoscopes. In fact, the bell side of the head has only one inch in diameter. And for the diaphragm, it is contoured for children’s bodies.

The same thing actually applies to Infant Stethoscopes. But they have the smallest sizes of chestpiece. The bell comes with only 3/4 inch in diameter. As for the diaphragm, they are, on the other hand, designed for newborn babies and infants.

Learning What Stethoscope Is Best For A Nursing Student

Now, with these things at hand, it is now much easier to point what stethoscope is best for a nursing student. And understanding the given factors will not only help you to know the stethoscopes, you can also differentiate one from each which further helps you understand the essence and function of the stethoscope.

Once you’ve put yourself in these aspects and factors, as well as your current standing and field in the medical industry, you will effectively know which ones to choose. And although it can be still quite challenging, there is a huge chance that you will get to have the most appropriate stethoscope for you. So, be sure to consider these things before heading and make a purchase.

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