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Choosing A Stethoscope For Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists have become one of the most demanding jobs in the medical industry. With the apparent increasing number of people who are suffering from either acute or chronic dysfunctions in the cardiopulmonary system, respiratory therapy has become a necessary to these individuals. And with that at hand, having the best stethoscope for respiratory therapist has become also a requirement.

About Respiratory Therapists

As mentioned, the number of people who are suffering from various respiratory conditions is quite increasing nowadays. And having a treatment from the most appropriate persons is largely needed. And the “appropriate persons” are normally called respiratory therapist.

These medical professionals are the ones who conduct the primary treatments that the patients need. And alongside the treatments and therapies, they are the professionals who essentially conduct assessments and tests to point out whether a person is having problems with their respiratory system.

From lung malfunctions all the way to the breathing disorders, respiratory therapists are the ones who diagnose them. Consequently, they are also the ones who advise the treatments that each patient needs.

Much like any other professionals in the medical and health care industry, the therapists have extensive knowledge – not only to the respiratory system, but also to the materials, equipment, and instruments used in this sector. And this includes the ideal stethoscope for respiratory therapist.

Duties and Works of Respiratory Therapists

Aside from administering the therapies and treatments, the range and scope of duties of a respiratory therapist is quite wide. And some of these responsibilities include the following:

  • Lung Capacity Assessment
  • Artificial Airways Management
  • Life Support Mechanical Ventilations Systems Management
  • Chest X-rays, Sputum Specimens, and Bloom Samples Analysis
  • Test, Studies, and Research Related To Respiratory and Cardiopulmonary Therapy
  • Respiratory and Cardiopulmonary Health Consultation
  • Vital Signs and Medications Assessment
  • Rehabilitation Activities and Cardiopulmonary Health Counseling

It is worth noting that these are only some of the basic duties and responsibilities. And you would notice that these things are already serious and grave works for a respiratory therapist. But thanks to the equipment and instruments in these areas, especially the stethoscope for respiratory therapist, these medical professionals can do their respective jobs effectively.

Stethoscopes and The Respiratory System

As you may know, one of the main functions of a stethoscope is to conduct auscultation of the lungs and heart. Hence, this is why stethoscopes are very much apparent in this sector of the industry.

Although it is common knowledge already that any stethoscope will do fine in any assessment and basic check-up, there is still a unique stethoscope that is much more fitting for every respiratory therapist.

As it appears, a stethoscope for respiratory therapist is mainly designed for this aspect. And any great therapist would know that it is important to have a great auscultation device, all the time.

There are some professionals who would share their most recommended stethoscopes. But it is equally important to learn that not all of these stethoscopes are ideal for a respiratory therapy. So, just like any product on the market, an interested buyer would need to weigh things before buying a great stethoscope for this line of work.

Choosing An Ideal Stethoscope For Respiratory Therapist

Obviously, the most ideal stethoscope for such therapists would need to have an outstanding acoustic quality for an excellent lung auscultation. And although this has become (notably) the most important factor, there are other variables that need assessing as well. From the materials used in the construction all the way to the cost and inclusions, these factors play important roles in making your decision too.

So, if you are planning to buy a stethoscope for respiratory therapist, you may want to understand the factors first that affect the overall quality of the instrument.

High-Quality Materials

When choosing a normal stethoscope, the type of materials is one of the most important factors to consider. And there is not much of a difference when choosing a stethoscope for respiratory treatments and therapies.

As it happens, it is recommended for every buyer to look for stethoscopes that are mainly made with high-quality materials. And most preferably if these materials are either stainless steel or brass.

You should note that these stethoscopes must not contain any harmful material like latex and plasticizers.

Durability of The Chestpiece

The chestpiece is apparently seen as one of the most important aspect. In fact, it can be even the most important feature to look at first. As it happens, the chestpiece contains the diaphragm of the stethoscope. And having a faulty diaphragm and chestpiece is not really good as this can cause a lot of problems in the process of treatment and diagnosis.

So, you must consider very well the quality, durability, and functionality of the diaphragm and the chestpiece of the stethoscope.

Stethoscope Tube Lining

The stethoscope tube is equally important as the chestpiece and the diaphragm. This is because it is where the frequency of the sound maintains its quality. So, the thicker the better.

And in the case of having a thick lining for the tube of the stethoscope, one must prefer a dual lumen tubing type when choosing a stethoscope for respiratory therapist.

Comfortability of The Earpiece

Comfortability and ergonomics of the stethoscope are also aspects that you must consider. This is because an uncomfortable instrument can cause various inconveniences during the therapy, diagnosis, and treatment. And the best way to check these aspects is to understand the earpiece of the stethoscope.

Take note of its positioning, earpiece size, and materials. Accordingly, you must find a stethoscope that comes with an earpiece that is angled, smooth, and comfortable to use.

The Most Ideal Stethoscope for Lung Auscultation

With all the factors given at hand, it is found that the most ideal stethoscope for respiratory therapist is the Classic III Stethoscope from 3M Littmann. And if you want to further understand the reason behind, this 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope review will help you.

Also, you may want to watch this video as well for more information about other stethoscopes that can be great for respiratory therapies as well: