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Stethoscope Days Are Over? Doctors Don’t Think So!

Is it true that the stethoscope days are over? Thanks to the progressive industry of technology, some people, especially the new generation believe it’s true. However, this is not the case as per, well, everyone in the field.

For centuries, stethoscope has become one of the most essential tools in the medical industry. In fact, it is the “one” tool that all people would associate with doctors and other medical personnel. This is because it has become the most common tool that every doctor and medical professional would use on a daily basis.

But while stethoscopes are the seen this way, many reports and updates today are claiming that the stethoscope days are already over. It’s only logical for some to agree with this notion. Besides, it seems that technology has been replacing a lot of things these days. And probably, this is why many believe that the importance of stethoscopes does no longer have the same bearing that it used to.

The Start of The “Stethoscope Days”

The very first stethoscope was invented in the 19th century. It was far different from the ones that we have today. But even so, the principle – how a stethoscope works, in general, is pretty much the same. And that is to listen to the sounds of the human body.

It all started with the French physician, Laennec in 1816. He used to listen to 3M Littmann Cardiology III Stethoscope, Black Plated Chestpiece and Eartubes, Black Tube, 27 inch, 3131BEthe “sounds” of his patient’s body by placing his ears to the parts of interest. The idea of stethoscope began when he became worried about doing the process with his female patients. This is because placing his head toward a female patient’s chest won’t be very ideal and suitable.

To resolve the apparent problem, he used a material close to a paper and rolled it. He then placed one side to the patient’s chest and the other to his ears. From then, the principle and idea of stethoscope emerged. Hence, the stethoscope days began.

It took many years, though, to improve the overall appearance, style, and built of a stethoscope. Nevertheless, these tools have become the main accessory of every doctor and medical professional today. And if looking for a very common model, you may find one here in thisĀ 3M Littmann Classic III Monitoring Stethoscope Review.

Impact of Technology

With the help of the ever-evolving and ever-changing technology, stethoscopes have been improved over the years. And as time passes by, many innovative solutions and features have been added.

Although the progressive nature continues to alleviate, the innovative solutions that are isolated from stethoscopes also continue to arise. And recently, many new products on the market have been seen as replacements for stethoscopes.

For most people, these new products are more convenient, reliable, and efficient. With their much more advanced features, it is only fitting why this kind of notion has been adapted. Hence, the thinking – the stethoscope days are over. However, doctors and other medical professionals see the other way around. As it happens, stethoscope is, so far, irreplaceable.

According to experts, stethoscopes cannot be replaced all because of their primary uses and functions. There are cases that doctors and nurses would only need stethoscope in order to step forward in resolving conditions.

So, even if ultrasound technology further advances in the future, the auscultation principle of stethoscopes will keep the tool grounded. Furthermore, it will remain as one of the primary medical tools that every medical professional would need on a daily basis.

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